Water Polo Drills

Looking for drills to improve your skill set? I will update these fundamental drills to help you focus on finding ways to make yourself better.

Body Positioning Drills

The ability to hold yourself in the water is extremely important in the sport of water polo. If you cannot keep your head above water, you may drown. If you cannot hold your body partially out of the water, you will not be able to move efficiently in the water. The more control you have on your buoyancy, the more efficient you can be in the pool.

  1. Body Positioning Drill #1
  2. Body Positioning Drill #2
  3. Body Positioning Drill #3
  4. Body Positioning Drill #4

Coming Soon…

Shot Blocking Drills

5on6 Numbers

x1 & x3 – 5on6 Drills

x4 & x5 – 5on6 Drills

x2 Drills


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