More Mental than Physical

Many may say they cannot be an Olympian because of the way their bodies are built, but I believe that grooming yourself to be an elite athlete is so much more than your physical health and presence. Of course, if you are not physically healthy or your body really wasn’t built for a particular sport, you may be prevented from the opportunity, but let’s dive a bit into the OTHER factors that are within your control whether you are training for sports or for excellence outside of the pool.


  • Training to be an elite athlete is not easy, the grind is tough! If you can allow your mind to fully commit to the how and the why, you will be able to get through those days much more enjoyably.


  • Focus your attention on the process and fundamentals to help make big, scary practices feel small
  • Focus your attention on 1 movement at a time to make 100 feel more doable by aiming for 1, then another
  • Focus your attention on competing with an opponent so that when you get the opportunity to compete in the game, you have already been there!


  • Surround yourself with the people you need to help you succeed. Know who to go to when you need a boost, a reality check, or an ear. You are in control of the team you lean on, so be thoughtful about who you go to and why.
  • The team you will compete with is a different story. This is the team so it is important to learn how to BEST support each other. We learned a lot by having very open conversations about HOW we think through certain problems, WHY we are different types of leaders, and HOW we process information. This open dialogue allowed us to have 100% trust and commitment in the highest pressure situations.

So next time you hear someone say they are too short, too tall, too slow, too fast, please ask about the other parts of the game this person is working on to improve. Are they committed? Do they focus their attention in practice? Are they active about strengthening their team?

There are many more ways we can work on our game that doesn’t rely on physical attributes and for ME, these 3 have been incredible helpful and I hope they can be for you too!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.24.18 PM

Maggie: feeling strong in her Del Amigo Swim Team garb. I bet se was going for the no-breather club.


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