Let’s Dream Big

Dreams can come true, so let’s dream big!

I dreamt of becoming an Olympian, to compete with the best athletes in the world and represent my country, my family, my sport. I knew that if I didn’t put in the effort in every moment, that dream could never come true. I wanted the ability to try so I went for it and opened myself up for every opportunity.

Just because we want to achieve something, does not mean we will get it, BUT if we do not give ourselves the best opportunity to achieve our goals, then we most definitely will not reach them. That is my challenge today.

With two Olympic medals in my possession, now what do I dream to do?

Not too long ago I attended an inaugural event full of dreamers for global change, some of whom are already working towards their goals while others like me are just starting out. We were each challenged to positively impact 1 billion people in our lifetime.

That is a huge goal, but it is a challenge that I have accepted.  Typical Olympian.

So what is my next dream?  I am so fortunate to be an Olympian and to have represented my country in the most magical event that this world has created (I’m biased). But I cannot stop there; I have a duty to help spread the joy and magic I felt at the Olympic Games. If you can go to the Olympics in any capacity, you need to go, but why can’t I bring that Olympic energy home, that hard to define spirit of pride, happiness, togetherness, raw emotion, and pure global optimism? My next dream is to extend the elevated feeling athletes and fans experience at the Olympics and bring it home to everyone.

Now all of your may hold me accountable and help me below with ideas to implement! What are your dreams?

Once an Olympian, always an Olympian. Never former. Never Past. Faster Higher Stronger, it doesn’t stop with a Gold Medal!


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