Body Positioning Drill #2

Drill #2:

Vertical Leg Position

Position your body vertically in the water. Shoulders on the surface with hips directly underneath, arms in the water sculling and legs are performing egg beater as if you are sitting in a chair; back is vertical and straight  (horizontal leg position).


In this low position, use your arms to help support you as you change the angle of your legs as you egg beater. Move the hips so that the knees almost touch in front of you (narrow position), then stretch your groin as you test the limits of the width of your egg beater (wider position). If you can get your knees to be almost a straight line across your hips…great work!

Then move your legs from their sitting position down so that now your quads are underneath your shoulders and knees are pointing toward the bottom of the pool (vertical leg position). Continue testing your width angles (from knees touching, to knees as wide as possible) as your legs now move in this arc from sitting in a chair to knees pointed to the bottom of the pool.

*This vertical leg position is used to move forward in the water as if you are shot blocking.



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